Artistiq Sugarcraft Pte Ltd
(Company Profile)

Artistiq Sugarcraft, conveniently located at 37 Niven Road, is an easily accessible one-stop destination for all cake decorating enthusiasts. We offer a wide range of sugarcrafting courses and can provide you with a variety of artisan tools. It is undeniable that the cake decorating scene has grown exponentially over the years.

We aim to provide you with the skills to excel in this timeless activity. Our easy to follow courses appeal to people of all ages and abilities. They are of a professional standard which enables you to recreate and experiment with designs at home or in your businesses.

There are many techniques of cake decorating. The use of sugar paste has become wildly popular not only due to its versatility but it is also aesthetically pleasing and delicious! Equipped with a supporting team of excellent bakers, instructors and creatives, our expertise lie in the art of Sugarcrafting.

We offer three main courses: Sugarflowers, Sugarpaste and Royal Icing. They range from the fundamentals to more advanced and specialty courses – all catered to professionals and passionate home-bakers alike.

We are an authorised centre for the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating courses. Our students hold us with high regard as many have returned to attend more courses. Apart from our internationally qualified in-house instructors, we hold a reputation of regularly hosting world renowned sugar artists who are dedicated and eager to impart their skills.

Our retail front is constantly updated with latest products in the cake decorating sphere. Stocked with distinguished Sugarcraft products from around the world such as Wilton, Knightsbridge PME, Sugarflair, Patchwork Cutters, Bakels, SatinIce and many more, we are confident that we can provide you with all the essential tools that enable enthusiasts to craft their inspired creations with ease.

Feel free to pop by for a visit. Browse through the variety of books, magazines and tools for inspiration to uncover the sugar artist in you!